Cocoa powder is obtained by drying, grounding and defatting of cocoa beans which come from the ecological farming in Peru. For centuries, cocoa beans have been valued as a symbol of fertility, wisdom and power. Many Mayans feasts and rituals were associated with celebration of cocoa beans as a „food of the Gods“.


100 % cocoa powder from cocoa beans in organic quality

Nutritional values

Nutritional values   in 100 g
Energy1751kJ / 418.2 kcal
Fat11 g
- out of which saturates6.8 g
Carbohydrate52 g
- out of which sugars2.5 g
Fibre32.5 g
Protein27.8 g
Salt0.095 g


„Raw cocoa powder is an excellent and practical ingredient for production of whole portfolio of chocolates and cocoa dishes, drinks and desserts as it has the same properties as the common cocoa powder. You can use it in a number of delicious recipes for desserts and drinks – e.g. almond-cocoa milk, cocoa cream with dates and hemp seeds, cocoa cream made of cocoa butter, cocoa-coconut balls with honey and coconut butter, and many others.


Storage: Store in a closed packaging in a dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight.

Country of origin: Peru

Weight: 250 g

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