Organic Blackstrap

Sugar Cane Molasses


The sugar cane molasses Blackstrap is a 100% natural product extracted from sugar cane as a by-product of sugar production. 

After pressing the sugar cane, it is obtained raw sugar cane juice – molasses, from which sugar is extracted.

After every extraction, ratio of sugar in molasses is reduced and, on the other hand, concentration of substances beneficial for the human body, especially minerals, increases. Sugar cane molasses after the final third extraction – professionally called Blackstrap – has the lowest content of sugar and the highest possible ratio of valuable substances. 

Blackstrap offers a well-balanced composition of minerals, especially calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphor, potassium and sodium and vitamins B. Present are also other nutritional substances – copper, zinc, inositol, vitamin C, pantothenic acid, folic acid, some amino acids and other valuable nutrients.   


Calcium contained in the Blackstrap molasses has a positive effect on maintaining healthy bones, teeth and on muscular functions, blood coagulation and transfer of neurons.


In general, iron is in short supply in our diet and molasses is an excellent source with almost 100% absorbability. Organic Blackstrap molasses is then suitable for everyone who requires increased intake of iron. Molasses enhances production of red blood cells and haemoglobin, is important for oxygen transport and energy metabolism and suppresses fatigue and exhaustion.


Similar to calcium, magnesium supports maintaining healthy bones and teeth and contributes to reduction of fatigue and exhaustion. It also has a positive effect on preserving optimal psychical functions and muscular contraction.


100% Organic Sugar Cane Molasses.

nutritional values

in 100 g % * in 100 g
Energy956 kJ / 229 kcal
Fat0 g
- of which saturates0 g
Carbohydrate, out of which:59 g
- sugars42 g
Protein0 g
Salt0 g      
Copper2 mg200%
Iron17.07 mg122%
Calcium839.5 mg 105%
Manganese2.57 mg128%

* Reference intake of an average adult


Best way is to dissolve the sugar cane molasses in a glass of water, coffee or tea. You get a pleasant drink with slightly sweet and fruity flavour. Molasses can be also consumed directly and then washed down with a glass of water. It is also a suitable ingredient for biscuits, bread, various sauces and marinades.  

The best advantage of molasses is its ability to conveniently supplement diet with easily digestible nutrients. Its effects are, however, not immediate and that is why is should be taken regularly and for  a long period of time.


Volume: 600 g

Country of origin: Paraguay

Storage: Store in dry place. Keep away from the direct sunlight

No colouring agents or preservatives.

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