Coconut sugar is extracted from nectar of coconut palm blossoms which is collected manually. Obtained crystals of coconut sugar have slightly caramel taste. In South and South-East Asia, this sugar has been used for centuries as a traditional and popular sweetener. Our sugar from coconut blossoms is purely natural and, during its production, does not go through any refinement processes. Ginger enriches the product with a slightly spicy flavour, which combines nicely with caramel taste of the coconut sugar and, at the same time, assures gentle warm-up of the human body in cold seasons.


99 % coconut sugar, 1 % ginger

Nutritional values

   in 100 g 
Energy1636.6 kJ / 390.9 kcal
Proteins0.8 g
Carbohydrates94.6 g
- of which sugars81.3 g
Fat1.02 g
- of which saturates0.9 g
Fibre4.09 g
Salt0.125 g


You can add coconut sugar with ginger to your coffee, tea, smoothies, hot as well as cold drinks. It finds its place in preparation of various desserts as a substitute for white sugar.


Volume: 100 g

Country of origine: Indonesia

Storage: Keep in a dry place in a closed container.

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